Some Of The Services We Offer...

e marketing

Email is one of, if not THE most cost effective, powerful and flexible forms of marketing. You can communicate your message to thousands of potential customers quickly, effectively and inexpensively. By planning your campaigns, researching your audience and putting in place successful measurement processes its impact both on the audience and your sales could be significant. While you might think this is just one more added complexity to the already complex task of running and growing your business, it actually presents all business owners and entrepreneurs with a tremendous opportunity, and one unrivalled in modern times.

web design

A website is not optional. No business today can hope to be taken seriously if it doesn’t have a website. Customers and suppliers now expect you to have a website and want to get to know your business and products before making contact. Your website is an integral part of your business and you need to invest time and effort into making it a seamless fit. It is therefore essential that your site must be designed and developed professionally in order that your customers and suppliers want to contact you and buy from you. Businesses are often judged by their websites so it is vital you get your website right.

online marketing

Research shows that you have just 8 seconds to grab your website-visitors’ interest. They don’t call it “web-surfing” for nothing: people flit from website to website and if you don’t do something pretty amazing to grab their attention and break this pattern of behaviour, then your visitors will hit your site, stay for a few seconds… and then they’re gone; usually forever. The same applies to your online marketing which needs to follow the AIDA formula – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Give your visitor an exciting and compelling promise that if he or she continues reading, you’re going to give them a HUGE reward for doing so.